Saturday, January 5, 2008

Revoltech #036: Strike Valkyrie VF-1S

Olaaa....well, get some new stuff for my toy collection instead of gunpla...starting to collect figures from revoltech kaiyodo series, & my first figure that i bought is series no 036 "Strike Valkyrie VF-1S" from Revoltech Yamaguchi series. Actually i donno why i bought this stuff, maybe because something new for me, n also i like the design of this figure....

This figure comes from Macross movie "Macross: Do You Remember Love" & it was piloted by Roy Focker, a Macross character that is talented & strong-willed fighter pilot & also known for his love of women and alcohol.

This figure comes with 37 articulation points including with 11 Revoltech joints, & it was designed by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi. This package comes with strike armor accesories which it can be attached at most part of this figure & the cannon booster that is to be mounted at the back of the body comes with one Revoltech joint so the cannon can be positioned on the shoulder. Besides that it comes with 5 optional hands to give a different pose of this figure, a gunpod (also can be mounted on its arm) and a Revoltech stand.

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Anonymous said...

me parece dificil este tipo de diseño por la minuciusidad del asunto.